Aleksandr Biberman

Aleksandr BibermanCurrently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, Aleksandr Biberman is part of the Lightwave Research Laboratory, led by Professor Keren Bergman. Biberman has made many notable contributions to the field of optical communication through his work in silicon photonics. Silicon photonics is being actively researched by many electronics manufacturers including IBM and Intel, who see it is a means for keeping on track with Moore's Law by using optical interconnects to provide faster data transfer both between and within microchips. Since joining the research group in 2006, Biberman has co-authored more than forty peer-reviewed journals and conference papers, and has demonstrated innovation and leadership in a number of research projects.

One of Biberman’s major efforts has been to develop and establish the potential role of silicon photonic interconnects for chip-scale high-performance computing systems and memory access networks. These photonic network-on-chip solutions are slated to deliver tremendous improvements in bandwidth and power consumption, the two biggest challenges associated with future interconnects. He has worked to develop solutions that are compatible and complementary to metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication techniques, which are capable of large-scale integration with advanced microelectronics, and maintain a clear path toward adaptability for commercialization.