Sir Eric A. Ash

Sir Eric A. Ash

Awarded the Marconi Prize in 1984

"Cited for leadership in electronic technology including surface acoustic wave devices."

Presented by: His Eminence Sebastiano Cardinal Baggio, President of the Pontifical Commission for the City of the State of the Vatican, at the Pontifical Academy of Science, Rome.

Sir Eric Ash has specialized primarily in electron optics and ultrasonics. His distinguished career has led him from a Fulbright fellowship at Stanford, to industry at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories, to a professorship at University College London, and then to the post of Rector of Imperial College London 1985/93. Sir Eric served as Treasurer and Vice President of the Royal Society 1997/02. He was a Board member of the Marconi Foundation until 2008. He received the 1984 Marconi Prize for leadership in education, electronic technology, including surface acoustic wave devices.


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