Rosalind C. Whitehead

Rosalind C. Whhitehead

Board of Directors, Marconi Society

Rosalind C. Whitehead's career experience spans the fields of health care, education and communications. She was founder/president of Core Communications in Health, (CCH) with Warner Lambert Company. CCH established patient education centers in over 130 major group practices in all fifty states. The company produced patient-education; audiovisual-learning materials used by the centers and trained the health professionals who ran the centers.

Other health care activities include working with major corporations to set-up or expand employee health programs; serving as Director of the Education Division at the Palo Alto Medical Clinic and Foundation; directing pub1ic relations and marketing for MEDCOM, a pioneer in audiovisual continuing medical education; and heading a special project for The New York March of Dimes to redefine their mission.

She has served on numerous boards of national health organizations and was the public representative for the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education, on the AMA task force for Gifts to Physicians from Industry, and served as a special advisor to the American Board of Medical Specialties. She was a trustee of the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health and member of the NIMH Depression and Research and Treatment (DART) task force.

She has worked with the Menninger Clinic and Foundation to evaluate their strategic plans as a special advisor to the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

In addition to her participation in the health care arena she was associate publisher of Change Magazine in Higher Education, and an editorial assistant at The Saturday Review Magazine. She served as Director of Public Relations for Channel 17, the educational television station in the Albany, New York area.

Mrs. Whitehead has been an active member of the education and arts worlds serving on the Boards of The New School University, NY City Opera, Bard Music Festival, Barge Music, Educational Foundation of America and several others. Her major activity with these Boards focused on development, outreach and fund raising.

Mrs. Whitehead is also a trustee and vice president of The National Osteoporosis Foundation, a member of the Council of Visitors of the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, a fellow of the New York University Biological Technology Center, and a member of the Advisory Committee for Caduseus Capital Health Ventures GP.LLC.