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October 20, 2015 Marconi Society Symposium

“The Future Infrastructure of the Internet of Things” Register here

Peter Kirstein 2015 Marconi Fellow

Peter Kirstein, "The father of the European Internet." News release with a biography and appreciations from his peers. Video news release with Bob Kahn, Sir Eric Ash, Jon Crowcroft & Philip Treleaven.

Nominations open for 2016 Fellow

Deadline July 31, 2015 for the 2016 Fellow.

2014 Gala Photos

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Zvi GalilMarconi Board member Zvi Galil, Dean and Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, has been at the forefront of promoting online degree programs at his prestigious school.  Now, even President Obama has taken notice.  In a speech at Georgia Tech recently, the President gave a speech on accessibility and affordability in higher education, and specifically called out the institution’s Online Master of Science in Computer Science, pointing out it is “just a fraction of the price of an in-classroom program.”  

Galil writes

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The Marconi Society invites nominations for the Marconi Prize of individuals worldwide who have made pioneering contributions to communications technology that have benefited humanity, thus perpetuating the spirit and work of Guglielmo Marconi. Nominate a Fellow using this link.

The Marconi Society welcomes nominations from learned societies and academies of all countries, as well as from individuals in universities, industry and public life.

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Honored for his pioneering contributions to developing the theory and applications of MIMO antennas Palo Alto, CA, January 21, 2014—Professor (Emeritus) Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, Stanford University, has been awarded the prestigious 2014 Marconi Society Prize. His idea for using multiple antennas at both the transmitting and receiving stations - which is at the heart of the current high speed WiFi and 4G mobile systems – has revolutionized high speed wireless. More

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Kiseok Song, a Ph.D candidate at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), has been selected as a 2014 Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar, Marconi Fellow Henry Samueli (L.) with Song.

Himanshu Asnani, a doctoral candidate at Stanford University Electrical Engineering School, is the second winner.


Marconi Fellows and Stanford Professors John Cioffi, A.J. Paulraj and Marty Hellman. Photo by Jennie Bourne
Marconi Fellow Bob Metcalfe will keynote the Silicon Innovation Forum at in San Francisco at SEMICON West 2014, July 8. Bob, the inventor of Ethernet, is  professor of Innovation and Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise at the University of Texas at Austin. He actively supports the Austin tech and startup scene. (Release below.)

Marconi fellows John Cioffi and Marty Hellman came together June 4 to congratulate fellow Stanford Professor A.J. Paulraj, the 2014 Marconi Fellow. Paulraj invented MIMO, which dramatically increases the speed of nearly all of today's wireless networks. Paul is is in the center of the picture, with fellow Stanford Professors John Cioffi on the left and Marty Hellman on the right. 

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